Bloch Split Flex Leather Character Shoes S0390L ladies


Spalva juodas
Material Leather
Gamintojas BLOCH

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The Splitflex is a versatile T-bar strap leather character shoe suitable for character dance and interdisciplinary demi character work. It features an elasticated panel underfoot, providing flexibility and enabling the shoe to move with the foot in demi and while pointing the toes.
Chic contoured 2.5 inch heel
External shank stabiliser reinforces the heel without compromising flexibility
Leather upper with leather lining
Ankle T-bar strap with pin buckle attached with elastic to allow movement of the foot while easing tension on the instep
Suede forefoot outsole facilitates turning and sliding while providing some grip

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Spalva juodas
Material Leather
Gamintojas BLOCH

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