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Our professionals have gotten their training from the biggest companies in the skating world – Risport, HD Sports, Edea, JacksonUltima, Graf, Riedell, JIV Sport. We do our best to stay in pace with the latest developments in the skating world. We have something for anyone, wide variety of sizes and models.

Our customer representative Olga has over 10 years of experience in skating equipment. She replies to your emails.

If you want to buy new skates from our shop at Toom-Kuninga 15 Tallinn please contact us and book consultation time for this.

We sell professional skates ONLY during pre-booked consultation. The consultation fee is 25 euro, which won’t be charged if you buy skates.

Olga from ICESTAR & Marco from RISPORT



Before buying new skates

It’s so exciting !

Before buying new skates You need to be clear about the following issues:

Do I want to go to training or engage in recreational ice skating

If you plan to start training, You must find out at what level?

f you want to be just a hobby skater, You must think about where You plan to skate, either inside or outside.

Olga from ICESTAR & Liam from HD Sport

If you do not unlace properly after skating, the boot will appear to make a pointed Aladdin’s tip! Sometimes, especially for young children, this creates the false impression that boots are too small, as they feel too narrow.

How to find the right skate size?

  • Skaters often choose their boots by matching their standard shoe size. Unfortunately the sizing systems for skates and shoes don’t match; and that is without looking at the difference between US / UK and European measurements.Normal shoes need greater flexibility so the foot can bend. Because of this they tend to be longer than skates.
  • Simply measuring the length is not enough. The fitting process is more than that. It is about width, understanding your needs and your feet as every foot is different. Yes, even your left and right!

Your old boots have much to say. The lining, the creases and the insoles, all can indicate if you are skating in the correct size.

Helery Hälvin Estonia

How to Dress for Ice Skating

Dressing properly for skating helps most figure skaters skate better. This short article gives information on how to dress for figure skating.

Female figure skaters wear skating dresses and figure skating tights, but figure skating pants are also acceptable for practice.

Special figure skating pants should be worn by a male skater

Gloves and a nice sweater can be worn for practice.

Don’t wear baggy clothes. Loose-fitting clothing just doesn’t work for figure skating.

Hair should be pulled back and be away from the face. Girls can put their hair in a ponytail or a bun. Decorations in the hair add a nice touch.

Boys should wear black skates and girls should wear white or tan-colored skates.

Boot covers or over-the-boot figure skating tights are optional.

Matilda Algottson Sweden
Paulina Ramanauskaitė LIT

How To Take Care of Your Figure Skates

Always dry blades thoroughly after skating.

Get blades sharpened on a regular basis by a professional.

Wear skate guards on ice skating blades when walking on hard surfaces, floors, and/or concrete.

After drying skates thoroughly, cover and store the blades inside of towel-like soakers.

Do not leave or store blades inside of plastic or rubber skate guards.

Polish figure skating boots on a regular basis.

In addition to drying blades thoroughly, dry off the boot’s sole completely.

Open up the boots a bit, so they can air out, after each skating session.

Never attempt to walk around or skate in ice skates without the boots being completely laced up.

Replace broken figure skate laces on a regular basis.

Have an experienced figure skate technician mount blades and replace screws when necessary.

Aleksander Selevko EST

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