2022 World Junior Figure Skating Championships


Kiekvienas pirkęs RISPORT pačiūžų batus, ar JOHN WILSON pačiūžų peilius laikotarpiu 2021 11 11- 2022 01 23 dalyvauja vertingų prizų loterijoje. Prizai: ICESTAR dovanų kortelės pačiūžoms, ar jų ašmenims pirkti.

1x 300 EUR
2x 200 EUR
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Nugalėtojai bus išaiškinti 2022 m. sausio 23 d., paskutinąją „4 Kontinentų čempionato“ varžybų dieną.

2022 European Figure Skating Championships & Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in Tallinn

What a unique opportunity here in Estonia! Some of the biggest names in Tallinn, Estonia for two weeks straight! Two weeks of exciting competitions and two weeks of unforgettable skating memories. Right before the Olympic Games in Beijing! Don’t miss this opportunity and come watch the competitions yourself! Right here in Tondiraba ice rink.

2022 European Figure Skating Championships

January 12 – 16

2022 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships 

January 18 – 23

Don’t forget a pop up for Icestar is open during those two weeks at Tondiraba, but visit us at Flowroom for a wider selection!


Tallinnas, Toom_Kuniga 15. uus kauplus asub jäähallide keskel
10′ min Tondiraba-, 10 min Skoda ja 10 min Jeti jäähallist.
Uiskude ostmiseks palun eelnevalt broneerida konsultatsiooni aeg telefonil 56488814, et saaksime teile sobivad komplektid ettevalmistada.

2020 World Junior Figure Skating Championships

The 2020 World Junior Figure Skating Championships were held in TallinnEstonia on March 2–8, 2020. Figure skaters competed for the title of junior world champion in men’s singles, ladies’ singlespairs, and ice dance.

What an incredible week of Junior Worlds in Tallinn, our home! It was a delight to see fans come together all around the world to cheer for their favorite young skaters. All Icestar best partners RISPORT, JOHN WILSON, MK, EDEA, JACKSON, Ridell showcased the bestsellers at the event, but mostly we were just so happy to meet with so many skaters and their parents. Congratulations to everyone that competed at the event. We hope you had a memorable week!

Aleksander&Mihhail Selevko EST


A ground-breaking design for artistic inline figure skates.  The three-wheel rockered design is the latest step in the evolution from clunky roller skates to an advanced tool for graceful movement on wheels.  Snow White® is extremely lightweight and highly maneuverable. Inline figure skaters will love how the shorter frame length allows tighter turns and closer footwork.

With its bi-level reinforcement-bridge to reduce impact torsion and its versatile mounting platform, compatible with most of today’s figure skating boots, Snow White® sets the new standard for inline figure frames.

Snow White® is also the most widely used artistic inline plates in the roller skating worlds championships.  Since 2006, nearly half of the athletes have been using Snow White® to compete at the worlds championships and  Snow White® has successfully helped them to win medals.

Snow White® is specially designed for enthusiastic skaters who participate in artistic inline skating.  Our R&D engineers and testers established specific goals in developing this skate and were unwilling to compromise on quality.  From aluminum material to display box, from CNC cutting to its surface finish, we executed each step to meet our stringent standards.

A product like Snow White® wasn’t created in one simple step.  Version after version was tested and revised.   Snow White® aims at only one thing: Give skaters a high-quality, precise, and responsive instrument for experiencing the beauty of figure skating off the ice.

Some major highlights the design team would like to share with you:

A perfect performance relies on good edge and heel control.  The ‘Tail Screw’ design locks the frame’s rear support platform to a maximum heel contact area.  With sufficient stability from toe to heel, artistic skaters achieve confident control.
. Unlike recreational skating, artistic inline skating creates impact and torsion forces that stress the frame.  The reinforcement-bridge design provides a rigid framework to protect against torsional instability and to improve shock absorption.

. By removing unnecessary alloy material wherever possible, Snow White
® is lightweight while remaining strong.  The hollow front support reduces the frame’s weight by 8~10%.  Skaters can jump higher and skate faster using Snow White®.

D. Semicircular rear platform helps you locate the correct heel position easily. When the two arcs match, your boot has reached its optimum mounting position.

E. The three-dimensional front flange arches upward for a perfect match with the front boot sole, so the skater’s boot is in complete contact with the frame.  The Snow White® front flange is compatible with most figure skating boots on the market.

F. The black anodized alloy toe stop block helps to set you toe stops at an ideal position performing all toe-assist jumps.  It locks the toe stop firmly and precisely so the toe stops don’t have any rotary movement.

Best selling blades in the world!

John Wilson and Mitchel King blades are bestselling blades in the world. All the gold medals from Sochi 2014 were won by skaters who use John Wilson and Mitchel King blades!

* Women – Adelina Sotnikova / Gold seal

* Men – Yuuru Hanyu / Pattern 99 revolution parabolic

* Ice Dance – Meryl Davis, Charlie White / Mk dance, Mk dance

* Pairs – Maxim Trankov, Tatjana Volozoshar / Gold Seal, Gold Seal

In the autumn of 2018 the director of sales in HD Sports visited Estonia. Many Estonian and Latvian coaches used the chance to learn more about blades and meet personally with Mr Rains to hear more about latest products and innovations (lightweighting REV, CNC technology, parabolic technology, laser personalistaion and etc)

We are happy that the production of blades is progressing with the same speed as the skating itself.

Cooperation between HD Sports and JIV Sport has been for over 15 years.

We are happy to have such a great partner in the skating world and thanks to a new agreement, concluded at ISPO 2016, skaters in all Baltic states Estonia, Latvia, Lithuanai, have way more freedom to get the best blades in the world !

HD Sports is the world’s leading figure skate blade manufacturer, crafting exceptional blades for world-class skaters. National, World and Olympic champions choose our John Wilson and MK Blades above any other brand.

With a distinguished 300-year history, we have a deep-rooted passion for skating. We understand that precision and performance are the materials from which champions are made, so we’ve honed our quality, craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to take you to the next level.

When Royal toolmaker John Wilson started making blades in 1696, the Sheffield engineer was famed throughout England for the quality of his tools, his crafting skills and his unparalleled reputation for excellence. Today, HD sports carries that legacy forward – and surpasses it.

Renowned engineers Hattersley & Davidson (est. 1894) acquired the firm in the early twentieth century and further developed John Wilson’s reputation for innovation. Prestigious skate company Mitchel & King then joined the stable in 1997, combining to make HD Sports, as it is now known, the unrivalled leader in the global figure skating industry.

We are still the foremost pioneer in blade technology, fostering excellence in skating and using revolutionary manufacturing techniques to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the sport.

Our precision is for your performance. Using the finest spring steel, our traditional craftsmen combine their expertise with modern CNC technology to make the best blades available anywhere in the world today. We know what’s needed when the pressure is on. And we know our blades will never let you down.

We make blades for champions.

ISU – Junior Grand Prix “Amber Cup”

ISU Junior Grand Prix series is the most prestigious junior figure skating event. One of the 7 competitions took place on September 5-8, 2018 in Kaunas (Lithuania). We were very proud, that JIV Sport was the main sponsor of this big event in Lithuania.

Tallinn ICESTAR Cup 2016

29.04-01.05.2016 skating complex Tondiraba Ice Hall a held first Tallinn Icestar Cup. We had participants from 6 countries – Sweden, Finland, France, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia! Thank You for all attendees,
we hope that you spend memorable days and get the best emotions from our competition Tallinn Icestar Cup and coming back next Year !

10 000 pairs of skates sold !!!

Icestar has been the skates supplier in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania for nearly 15 years, and fall of 2016 we are reached a magic number: 10 000 sold skates!

We thank everyone for helping us get here and we hope in the future we will be still your first choice on choosing new skates and garments!

Icestar Anniversary – 10 winners have been drawn!


Dear Icestar customers!
We are glad to announce 10 winners of Icestar Anniversary Awards
3 Grand prix’s are awarded:
no. of invoice / gift card
163707 WILSON 400 €
163440 RISPORT 200 €
160470 JIV 100 €

50 € Icestar Gift cards
no. of invoice
We will take in touch with all the winners .

2015 Icestar Kaunas opening

We wait it long and now it’s open – the first professional figure skating store in Lithuania „Icestar Kaunas”.

We have all, that skaters need and Icestar Shop is located in Kaunas, K.Petrauskas 19A, only 250m from the Icerink.

New web page www.icestar.lt

Today is a special day for Icestar! We have launched a new web page specially for Lithuanian skaters and skating fans in their own language!
Please visit www.icestar.lt and we hope you will find all what you need.

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