A ground-breaking design for artistic inline figure skates.  The three-wheel rockered design is the latest step in the evolution from clunky roller skates to an advanced tool for graceful movement on wheels.  Snow White® is extremely lightweight and highly maneuverable. Inline figure skaters will love how the shorter frame length allows tighter turns and closer footwork.

With its bi-level reinforcement-bridge to reduce impact torsion and its versatile mounting platform, compatible with most of today’s figure skating boots, Snow White® sets the new standard for inline figure frames.

Snow White® is also the most widely used artistic inline plates in the roller skating worlds championships.  Since 2006, nearly half of the athletes have been using Snow White® to compete at the worlds championships and  Snow White® has successfully helped them to win medals.

Snow White® is specially designed for enthusiastic skaters who participate in artistic inline skating.  Our R&D engineers and testers established specific goals in developing this skate and were unwilling to compromise on quality.  From aluminum material to display box, from CNC cutting to its surface finish, we executed each step to meet our stringent standards.

A product like Snow White® wasn’t created in one simple step.  Version after version was tested and revised.   Snow White® aims at only one thing: Give skaters a high-quality, precise, and responsive instrument for experiencing the beauty of figure skating off the ice.

Some major highlights the design team would like to share with you:

A perfect performance relies on good edge and heel control.  The ‘Tail Screw’ design locks the frame’s rear support platform to a maximum heel contact area.  With sufficient stability from toe to heel, artistic skaters achieve confident control.
. Unlike recreational skating, artistic inline skating creates impact and torsion forces that stress the frame.  The reinforcement-bridge design provides a rigid framework to protect against torsional instability and to improve shock absorption.

. By removing unnecessary alloy material wherever possible, Snow White
® is lightweight while remaining strong.  The hollow front support reduces the frame’s weight by 8~10%.  Skaters can jump higher and skate faster using Snow White®.

D. Semicircular rear platform helps you locate the correct heel position easily. When the two arcs match, your boot has reached its optimum mounting position.

E. The three-dimensional front flange arches upward for a perfect match with the front boot sole, so the skater’s boot is in complete contact with the frame.  The Snow White® front flange is compatible with most figure skating boots on the market.

F. The black anodized alloy toe stop block helps to set you toe stops at an ideal position performing all toe-assist jumps.  It locks the toe stop firmly and precisely so the toe stops don’t have any rotary movement.

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